How to do a good job in enterprise management in the production process of wet wipes?

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How to do a good job of enterprise management in the production process of wet wipes?

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ffasdsdTue, Apr 19, 2022 9:06 AM

1. Adhere to organizing production according to standards

Standardization is an important prerequisite for quality management and the need to realize management standardization, & ldquo; If you don't follow the rules, you won't get around & rdquo;. Enterprise standards are divided into technical standards and management standards. Technical standards are mainly divided into raw and auxiliary material standards, process tooling standards, semi-finished product standards, finished product standards, packaging standards, inspection standards, etc. It is to form this line along the product, control the quality of materials input into each process, check and set cards layer by layer, so that the production process is under control. In the technical standard system, each standard is carried out with the product standard as the core, in order to achieve the standard service of finished products.

Management standard is to standardize people's behavior, the relationship between people and things, and to improve work quality and ensure product quality. It includes product process specification, operation specification and economic responsibility system. The degree of enterprise standardization reflects the level of enterprise management. To ensure product quality, enterprises must first establish and improve various technical standards and management standards and strive for supporting. Second, we should strictly implement the standards, standardize the quality of materials and people's work in the production process, conduct strict assessment, and honor rewards and punishments. Three, we must constantly improve the standards, implement new standards and ensure the advanced nature of the standards.

2. Strengthen the quality inspection mechanism

Quality inspection plays the following functions in the production process: first, the function of guarantee, that is, the function of check. Identify, sort and eliminate nonconforming products through the inspection of raw materials and semi-finished products, and determine whether the product or batch of products are accepted. Ensure that unqualified raw materials are not put into production, unqualified semi-finished products are not transferred to the next process, and unqualified products are not delivered; Second, the function of prevention. The information and data obtained through quality inspection provide basis for control, find out the causes of quality problems, eliminate them in time, and prevent or reduce the generation of nonconforming products; Third, the function of reporting. The quality inspection department shall timely report the quality information and quality problems to the factory director or relevant superior departments, so as to provide necessary quality information for improving quality and strengthening management.

To improve quality inspection, first, we need to establish and improve quality inspection institutions, equipped with quality inspection personnel, equipment and facilities that can meet the needs of production; Second, we should establish and improve the quality inspection system. From the entry of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, we should check at all levels, make original records, clarify the responsibilities of production workers and inspectors, and implement quality tracking. At the same time, the functions of production workers and inspectors should be closely combined. Inspectors should not only be responsible for quality inspection, but also guide production workers. Production workers should not just focus on production. The products produced by themselves should be inspected first, and the combination of self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection should be implemented; Third, we should establish the authority of quality inspection institutions. The quality inspection organization must be under the direct leadership of the factory director, and no department or personnel can intervene. Unqualified raw materials confirmed by the quality inspection department are not allowed to enter the factory, unqualified semi-finished products cannot flow to the next process, and unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.

3. Implement quality veto

The quality of products depends on the quality of work, and the quality of work is mainly a human problem. Therefore, how to tap people's positive factors and improve the quality management mechanism and restraint mechanism is an important link in the quality work.

Quality responsibility system or economic responsibility system with quality as the core is an important means to improve people's work quality. Quality management plays an important role in the management of enterprises, because the important task of enterprises is to produce products, provide use value for the society and obtain their own economic benefits. The core of the quality responsibility system is the combination of responsibility, power and benefit of enterprise managers, technicians and production personnel on quality issues. As the quality management of production process, we should first analyze the quality functions of each post and personnel, that is, clarify their respective responsibilities and work standards on quality issues. Secondly, we should closely link the product quality of post personnel with economic interests and honor rewards and punishments. The long-term winner will be given a heavy reward. If the quality loss is caused by dereliction of duty, compensation or other sanctions will be imposed in addition to salary.

In addition, in order to highlight the importance of quality management, quality veto should be implemented. That is to take the quality index as a hard index for assessing cadres and workers. No matter how well other work is done, as long as there is a problem with quality, one vote veto will be implemented in the selection of advanced, promotion, promotion and other honor projects.

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