What are the classifications of non-woven fabrics and what are they suitable for?

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What are the classifications of non-woven fabrics and what are they suitable for?

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妖秀啊Wed, Apr 27, 2022 8:46 AM

1. Spunlaced non-woven fabric: Spunlaced technology is to spray high-pressure micro water flow onto one or more layers of fiber mesh to entangle the fibers together, so as to strengthen the fiber mesh and have a certain strength.

2. Heat bonded non-woven fabric: heat bonded non-woven fabric refers to adding fibrous or powdery hot-melt bonding reinforcement materials to the fiber web, and then heating, melting and cooling the fiber web to form a cloth.

3. Pulp air netting non-woven fabric: air netting non-woven fabric can also be called dust-free paper and dry papermaking non-woven fabric. It uses the air flow netting technology to loosen the wood pulp fiberboard into a single fiber state, and then uses the air flow method to agglutinate the fibers on the netting curtain, and then the fiber mesh is reinforced into cloth.

4. Wet non-woven fabric: wet non-woven fabric is to loosen the fiber raw materials placed in the aqueous medium into single fibers, mix different fiber raw materials at the same time, and make the fiber suspension slurry. The suspension slurry is transported to the netting mechanism, and the fibers are netted in the wet state and then reinforced into cloth.

5. Spunbonded non-woven fabric: spunbonded non-woven fabric is that after the polymer has been extruded and stretched to form continuous filaments, the filaments are laid into a net, and the fiber net is turned into non-woven fabric through self bonding, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement.

6. Melt blown non-woven fabric: the process of melt blown non-woven fabric: polymer feeding - melt extrusion - fiber formation - fiber cooling - Netting - reinforcement into cloth.

7. Needle punched non-woven fabric: needle punched non-woven fabric is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. Needle punched non-woven fabric uses the puncture effect of needle to consolidate the fluffy fiber net into cloth.

8. Sewn non-woven fabric: sewn non-woven fabric is a kind of dry non-woven fabric. Sewn non-woven fabric is made by reinforcing fiber mesh, yarn layer, non-woven materials (such as plastic sheet, plastic thin metal foil, etc.) or their combination with warp knitting coil structure.

9. Hydrophilic non-woven fabric: it is mainly used in the production of medical and health materials to obtain better hand feel and avoid scratching the skin. For example, sanitary napkins and sanitary gaskets use the hydrophilic function of hydrophilic non-woven fabrics.

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