What is the difference between nonwoven fabric and nylon fabric?

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QuinbyMon, Jun 27, 2022 9:12 PM
Nylon cloth is a cloth made of nylon material, which refers to the material that is woven. Nonwoven fabric refers to the process of manufacturing cloth. The production process of general textile fabric is to first spin fibers (there are natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, etc. and synthetic short fibers such as nylon, polyester, etc.), and the spun silk is then woven into cloth. And the production process of non-woven fabric is: the fiber (whether it is natural fiber or synthetic fiber is the same) is cut into small sections, and then without the process of spinning, the fiber fragment is laid into pieces, and the cloth is formed by the process of compacting and reinforcing. Therefore, nylon cloth has textile fabric (generally called nylon) also has nylon nonwoven fabric, and nonwoven fabric also has natural materials of cotton and linen nonwoven fabric and synthetic fiber nonwoven fabric difference.
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