How do diapers use Velcro?

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MelissaMon, Jul 4, 2022 11:49 PM
Diapers can be manually installed with Velcro. Tear off the Velcro after the diaper or diaper is used up, it is generally very easy to tear off and stick together with the other side, you can use double-sided tape or other glue to stick, and then make another Velcro in the same way, four Velcro strips can be made into one Velcro for diapers. Because of the external adhesive force, when using the diaper, the Velcro can be directly glued to the diaper waist right in the middle of the position, and then you can finish using it. Although the method of using Velcro on diapers is relatively simple, it takes more time to prepare Velcro in the early stage, and after each diaper is used, the Velcro needs to be shifted and put on a new diaper, which undoubtedly adds a lot of work for parents. If parents feel that this is more trouble, it is better to use diapers directly to the baby. In addition, the additional Velcro on the diaper may also make the baby feel uncomfortable during the process of use, and may even accidentally abrade the baby's waist skin, so it is better to buy diapers with Velcro directly.
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