What kind of base film do diapers have?

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VaniaWed, Jul 13, 2022 3:49 PM
1. Hot air non-woven backing film can play a better role in ventilation and effectively relieve stuffiness. It adopts the production method of using hot air to penetrate the fiber web on the drying equipment to make it melt by heat and produce bonding, so that the diaper base film has the characteristics of high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, strong warmth and good breathability and water permeability. 2. Soft base film, with better water absorption, but its shortcomings are also more obvious, easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, and when the absorption reaches a saturation, the breathability will also drop significantly. 3. Super soft base film, higher gloss, feel more soft and thick, warm and smooth, fine texture, environmental protection, etc., but the disadvantage is also easy to absorb too much urine after the baby deformation, wrinkled. 4.PE base film, that is, polyethylene base film, refers to the base film produced with PE film. PE film has moisture resistance, impermeability, the first generation of diapers using the PE base film.
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