Can you compare the cost of various elastic materials?

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DelightfulFri, Jul 15, 2022 5:28 PM
Spandex is an elastic material with a good elastic stretch response, a mature process and an economical cost. Currently diapers and the first generation of incontinence pants use spandex elastic material. Take medium size menstrual pants as an example, product design, stretching multiplier difference, elastic spandex use 0.6~1.0g/ piece are reasonable. Elastic spandex price mostly 40,000~60,000 ¥/t, individual up to 90,000 ¥/t. Elastic non-woven fabric by 3~5 ¥/square meter. Such as adult underwear-type products, the amount of 0.2 square meters / piece. If compared by the same area size, spandex composite elastic material cost is lower.
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