Is there anything to say about buying peace of mind pants?

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FelixMon, Jul 18, 2022 12:22 PM
Consumer Council prompted consumers to buy peace of mind pants, can take "a recognition, two selection, three look, four touch, five smell" method. 1. Identify the use of the product and the use of the field: peace of mind pants are more suitable for the special period of the night or the daytime movement of the situation, but because of its limited absorption, can not be used as a diaper. 2. Choose the right size and trouser type: consumers are advised to buy according to their own hip circumference, waist circumference, crotch to waist spacing and other 3 sizes compared to the expressed size of the product. 3. Look at the seal and logo: when buying the peace of mind pants products, it is recommended that consumers first check the product packaging for contamination, openings or breakage. Secondly, the outer packaging of the product should be carefully checked for identification, with or without corporate information, product quality information, use information and other special functional information. 4. Touch softness: It is recommended that consumers must touch the outer packaging with their hands when buying whether there is a hard block, whether the thickness is uniform, whether the feel is soft. 5. smell: If the smell is not good, or even pungent smell, indicating that the product in the production process using inferior materials, consumers are advised not to buy.
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