Diapers to buy thicker better or thinner better?

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NessiaThu, Aug 4, 2022 3:07 PM
Moms and dads generally have stereotypes about diapers, thinking that thicker diapers will be more absorbent and that thin diapers will be less absorbent. In fact, this statement is incorrect. Thick and thin are mainly dependent on the core material. Generally speaking, thin products contain more absorbent resin, while thick products contain more fluffy pulp. In fact, the water-absorbent resin is more powerful in locking water, and the price is higher than the lint pulp. If the conditions allow and if you pay more attention to the effect, the absorbent resin is definitely the preferred choice. And for babies, ultra-thin products are more comfortable, dry and breathable, avoiding problems such as skin allergies and diaper rash.
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