Which material is better to choose for the core of diapers?

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Well-BornSat, Aug 6, 2022 11:16 PM
Currently on the market, there are 2 main types of diaper cores. One kind is semi-core body, the main component is water-absorbent resin and fluffy pulp, the advantage is large urine absorption, the disadvantage is slightly hard and thick, easy to pile up the broken layer. The other is the full-core body, which perfectly replicates the advantages of the half-core body - large urine absorption, but also cleverly avoids problems such as fault layer. Full core material is actually a new technology, the main components of which are dust-free paper, non-woven fabric and polymer absorbent resin, which is faster and stronger, and does not lump after absorbing water, thin and light but not easy to break. However, it is worth noting that many diapers on the market are half-core body as full core body, so moms and dads really need to be attentive to screening, don't be cheated by some bad businessmen with the second best.
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